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Wednesday, the rainy farewell - By Maiken

And so, we get to the bittersweet end of our dig. In fact, is our last day as second-year students, but as the weeks at the dig site have progressed, the routine and the work has grown on us, and it is with mixed filings I now have to end this year. I don’t know if I talk for all of us, but I would say that I would miss this experience.

Most of the people that I have shared a trench with this month I did not even know that well beforehand, and now the only thing I wish for is that we could have gotten more time together before the year ends.

But enough nostalgia, today me and Adam were excavating a context filled with a lot of stones. It seems to align pretty well with the wall in the neighbouring trench (just a little bit higher up). So, who knows, there might be something interesting for next year's students to find down there.

Apart from that, just as the title suggests, the rest of the day pretty much rained away, and most of the remaining time left to us went into recording and drawing the contexts. I don’t even know what happened around me; it was all a blur before things had to be tidied up and packed away.

The end of a year for.


Team photo