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We're back for our 12th season. Keep up to date with all the discoveries, brought to you by our daily bloggers.

Day 2 - by Menna & Josie

It is the second day of the excavation and we have yet to completely get through the back fill from the excavation of the previous year, yet we have still uncovered some exciting finds and features, which we are hoping to fully explore next week. 
So far, our favourite find is a current penny which has made us one whole pence richer than we were yesterday, I suppose the musket balls and animal bones we uncovered were pretty cool too.
We are still suffering from the looming threat of the park's squirrels but hope to befriend the little blackbird that frequently visits our humble trench. While locals show an interest in engaging with the archaeology, their dogs seem much more enthusiastic to help us dig and uncover bones, for which we are grateful.
The one thing we learnt today is that sometimes not even factor 100 sun cream is strong enough to protect our delicate shoulders from the unforgiving sun (Thank you Emma for lending us this sun cream yet it was not strong enough).

Day 1 - by Rachel & Eleanor

It is the beginning of a new year for excavations within Grosvener Park, Chester! 
The task for our first day of the excavation was uncovering and preparing the site in anticipation for the four-week-long dig.
To start off we were all in excitement with energy running high in the early hours of the day up until the sheer scale of work was recognised. However, our drive was quickly restored after a brief lunch break and the consumption of well earnt treats brought to site by one of the Archaeology lecturers from the university. Shortly after lunch we encountered a light spell of rain, as unfortunate as this was we did not let this hold us back as we powered through and soon enough the sun came back out and we were happily getting along with the work on the site.
Overall, with smiles and a great deal of team work we were able to clear the site in preparation for the four-week-long excavation. We can easily say with everyone happy and pleased about the hard work we achieved today, it w…