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Day One of the dig!

Neil reports from a well-earned seat in the Students' Union...

Well, day one was a scorcher, the weather was gorgeous from the word go and even the squirrels behaved. After a 15 minute trip to collect tools from the Grosvenor Museum we were split into our groups and proceeded to begin the dig in earnest. Our group was given an untouched area to excavate at the St. John's end of the park and finds were immediate!

Ioan became an expert in clay pipe and Matt in speckled late mediaeval glass. My own finds collection included two musket balls, a reminder of the civil war and also of my first week at the university, a guided tour by Prof. Peter Gaunt. 

I'm sat in the SU writing this with a beer and thinking how enjoyable the day was. Here's to tomorrow!

Removing the backfill to re-open and continue excavating trench IV
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