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The Last Day on Site! by Team D

The final day of the dig for Team D consisted filling out the context sheets and completing the section drawings for Trench IV.  The afternoon rain flooded the trenches, making the trench very slippery underfoot, which made today’s tasks difficult to carry out however we managed to finish the section drawings, plans, and context sheets as a team.  Team F found the bottom of the Early-Medieval ditch, which was in the trench we were all working in. 

The speculated bottom of the Early-Medieval ditch

 A highlight for our team was finding the Roman flagon neck and the handle to go with it, which was found in Trench IV, near the sondage, yesterday.  Another highlight was finding Roman glass, found by Kelly, which is believed to be from a perfume bottle.  We also found a piece of iron that looked like it could have been a key.

The flagon spout and the handle


 Our overall experience as a team is positive; we have had a lot of fun digging in Grosvenor Park, as well as being very lucky with the weather!  We have generally worked well as a team, and we have worked well with Team F in a joint effort to expose the bottom of the Early-Medieval ditch.  Although it was hard work, we will miss the experience of digging and working in that way as a team.
Team D – Alex, Josephine, Rebecca, and Kelly