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Emma's find of the day - Day 3

Today was day three of the Grosvenor park dig, and almost all the back fill has been cleared. Sadly, the bank holiday sunshine didn’t stick around for us as we continued prepping the trenches for the excavation, with the ducks seeming to enjoy the rain much more than we did. Despite this, when we weren’t taking shelter in the pavilion, we were discovering more of Chester’s historic past.
Over in Trench IV, further evidence of the Roman occupation was uncovered by Kelly, in the form of a small piece of samian ware, bearing a maker’s mark.

Meanwhile, over in Trench VIII, the day was orientated towards identifying the features of the context, of which the rain helpfully cleaned. Amongst these was an in-situ brick feature, the purpose of which is still to be discovered…

Emma V


  1. That brick feature looks interesting. Any idea of its age?

    1. Based on the relative stratigraphy we're thinking Civil War period. The park was used as a battery and was heavily affected during the Civil War - hence all the musket balls we've been finding over the years!


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