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Day 9: Hitchcock and Hoodies - by Rowena

Day 9 started with relief in trench IV after the night's rain softened previously concrete-like clay, making uncovering the Roman road and roadside ditch much easier.

Trench IV by the end of the day

The most exciting find was the discovery of our first Roman coin of the year, which will provide dating evidence for the area. Plenty of other finds came out of the trench, including high amounts of animal bone, pottery, ceramic building material and iron nails.

Roman coin

Finds marking

This afternoon brought drama to Team B’s finds workshop when we tried to help a trapped bird out of the Lodge in Grosvenor Park, resulting in it landing on Els and Sophie’s heads, feeling like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds. On a more serious note, we were learning the importance of marking finds, using a fountain nib and dipping ink, giving it an antiquarian feel.

Archaeology Society hoodies!

Finally, during our afternoon break, the University’s Archaeology Society posed for a photo shoot in their new hoodies!