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Day 8: Roman pottery galore - by Kelly & Rebecca

It’s day 8 of the excavation and over in trench IV we are removing what looks to be a huge homogenous layer. We have now become adept at wielding a mattock (with only a few injuries to feet and the occasional sherd of black burnished ware to the head (thanks Noah).  Trowelling and scraping has become a little monotonous but as it is being punctuated by finding bits of Roman pottery our momentum and spirits are kept high. The layer we are in has been exclusively Roman today and our find of the day is a rim piece of Roman jar with a beautiful coil design around it.

Pottery rim with coil decoration

This afternoon we were talking to members of the public and showing them some of our finds. Due to the nice weather there were plenty of people in the park and so every time we finished talking to one person there was another person ready to ask questions!

Kelly and Rebecca