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Day 7: Week 3 begins - by Maiken

The first day of the week, and it has been a great start. The sun has been keeping us company the whole day and not a cloud to be seen. Up until now most of the work in trench VIII has been about mattocking, shovelling, and getting the dirt out, then cleaning the surface before repeating the process over and over again.

Today, however, seemed like the proper start of the excavation itself. Planning frames were put out and areas of interest drawn and recorded and we have so far started to excavate two potential postholes.

Today was also our turn to clean finds, and I would like to ask: How can it be that so many stones find their way into the finds tray? Almost half of mine were filled with slate and sandstone! Nevertheless, it was fine sitting in the shade of the gazebo, which arrived at the site today. And the tray also contained a wide array of pottery, bones and metal. So, all in all, a good tray and a good start to the new week.