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Day 4: Roman roads, pots, and a muddy hole - by Becca & Sophie

In trench IV, we continued to uncover the Roman road as well as removing spoil still within the trench. on the finds front, Roman Samian ware pottery was found including an interesting piece of patterned Roman Samian ware. Many people were very interested in looking at the Roman finds.

Some abraded and some residual finds in Trench IV

More pieces of ceramics were discovered amongst the deepest section of the trench which was filled with water and had to be sponged continuously throughout the day.

Part of a pit from last year - full of water and Roman pottery!

As a whole site there was a lot of public interest which was met by friendly archaeologists who answered eager questions from the public.

We are excited to continue digging tomorrow where we are planning to record and lower a section of trench 4, as well as continuing the quest for the Roman road.

Becca and Sophie