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Day 15 (afternoon): Team Bee!

This afternoon team B did some recording of the Roman road and gully, whilst other members of the team did some level recording and filling out of context sheets. We are well underway to mapping out the road.

The remainder of the road gully was removed, finding more in the second half of the ditch than the first, including metalworking and Roman pottery. Elsewhere in the trenches, people continued to excavate the unknown depths of a medieval (?) ditch. At the very end of the day, other members were uncovering a possible stone well cap.

Overall Team B would like to say we have thoroughly enjoyed our time together over the last few weeks, with 21 ice creams consumed, 3 major sunburns, 4 animal invasions, an unknown number of buckets carried, and thousands of memories made. We’ve had a brilliant time!

Team Bee and their tribute to the trench burrowing bees