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Day 13: “Archaeology can be very boring, distressing and physically uncomfortable” (but it's worth it!) - by Katy & Noah

Day 13 has been another day of exceptional sunshine and heat, which made excavating fairly difficult as the soil had become hard, requiring plenty of energetic mattocking, especially in the west end of trench IV.. After another long day spent digging (and sweating profusely) in Grosvenor Park, we are still nowhere near the bottom of our early medieval ditch and have been left with aching muscles, sunburn and mosquito bites. This rather brings to light the meaning of a certain quote we encountered (and ignored in disbelief) during first year: “Archaeology can be very boring, distressing and physically uncomfortable” - unfortunately, it’s true (especially for Connor, who fell down Dave’s test pit and was promptly followed by a wheel barrow full of soil!). 

A piece of (very blue) Roman glass

On a slightly more serious note, today’s finds include a piece of Roman glass, substantial Roman pottery, a medieval Cistercian ware jug handle and the plentiful supply of animal bone that we have come to expect from the depths of our trenches.  

Team F spent the afternoon in the Finds Workshop, organising pottery fragments and marking them a fountain nib and ink; a skill that is surprising difficult to master!  

Aimees finds tray for marking

We were also very privileged to be visited by the year 3 and 4 classes from the local primary school, who excitedly (and very noisily) invaded our site. It was such a pleasure to be able to show them what we’d found and to answer the many questions they had.   
Katy & Noah