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Day 10: finds, finds, finds - by Alex & Josephine

Day 10 in Trench VIII began with mattocking and shovelling to reveal the orange-y clay layer beneath, ultimately to expose the ditch, which is believed to be Late Roman – Early Medieval, as it interrupts the Roman road which runs to the Amphitheatre. 

In the morning, we found a piece of Roman glass, which was approximately 5cm in length, in addition to the usual finds of animal bone and pottery.

Roman glass

The afternoon was spent labelling previously cleaned finds from Trench VIII.  The finds were labelled with a fountain pen and black ink, which was very fiddly!  When we had finished labelling, we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning finds from other areas of the site, which included lots of pottery and CBM (Ceramic Building Material).

Labelled finds

Alex & Josephine


  1. Having done this dig seven years ago, when the layers were mainly clay pipes, I am very jealous of all your finds! Keep up the good work and enjoy every second!


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