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A reflection on Day 6 - by Adam

Day six of the excavation at Grosvenor park at trench VIII has marked the end of a week that was  riddled with typical British weather and some interesting finds.

Everyone loves a Friday, everyone has that bit extra motivation to carry on working because they can see the start of that weekend, and the end of hard work throughout the week. 

Because of that hard work in trench VIII more progress has been made. Mainly on the eastern side of the trench, students are still working hard taking away the last bits of the backfill from last year’s dig but we are now begining to enter a new context (archaeological layer), with new finds - mainly bits of animal bone fragments. Whereas on the westerly end of trench VIII some very beautiful floor tiles have been uncovered from the soil, dating to the post medieval period. Some of them having very well-preserved designs still on them, an example of that being a Griffin.