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Day 17 Friday madness, ice lollies and the pub!

Jess reports
Friday morning dawned bright and sunny yet again, and students buzzed around the site filled with the “Friday Madness”.
It's Friday!!
Team A spent the morning keeping cool in the shade of the Pavilion for their last finds session. This entailed bagging ‘small finds’ into individual bags and writing designated labels that separated them from the bulk finds. Once this was done, we continued to wash some finds, there’s something weirdly satisfying about cleaning animal teeth with a toothbrush!
The afternoon was then spent back in the trench and Team A were set to take down the surface surrounding a pit with mattocks. Despite the heat of the sun, we powered through and removed bucket after bucket of the baked clay surface. With only one or two injuries, the banter stayed high and the Friday madness continued.
Complex intercutting features under excavation...
A highlight of the afternoon, however, was the delivery of ice lollies from Amy, they made the work a lot easier! The end of the afternoon was rounded off nicely with a site talk from supervisor Dan as he explained all the features in both trenches!
Well-deserved ice lollies for afternoon refreshment!

Dan gives a re-cap of the week's findings.

At the end of a superbly hot week, we hurried down to the riverside to spend a well-earned few hours in the pub. With only two days left on site, it’ll be a shame to see the excavation come to an end, but here’s to a cracking couple of days next week and maybe more time at the pub!