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The end of an era

So the dig has come to end and I'm sorry to see the end of it. It has been a fantastic 4 weeks with some amazing memories and people. The team work has been fantastic, seeing people come together to see the site done has been Amazing.

The site has produced such incredible things such as the Roman road, its roadside ditches, tree stump holes, a hearth and so much more. The finds that have come out of it will help future generations understand their history (such as the possible Roman coin and the handle of pottery not seen in Chester before!)

Putting the site away was both sad and hilarious (with team B trying and failing to put the teram over the site) it was heartbreaking to see the Roman road be covered up possibly never to be seen again. It was an amazing experience to be part of the team that uncovered the secrets of the road.

Anyway that's it from me, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who's made this such an incredible month, such as Simon, Julie and Dan to name a few - and team B (the best one) I've enjoyed every day of working with you all! TEAM!!

Elysia signing off.

The final day has been a great one. Everyone has really teamed together to get their areas finished and cleaned up ready to cover.

The excavated Roman road and roadside ditches have been recorded and photographed, and may not be uncovered again as there seems to be no further work that needs to be done to them.

Seeing the gazebo that has been our on-site home for the last 4 weeks come down, our tool box be carried away and our beloved features covered over has been very strange - though I must say that covering the site with the roll of terram was particularly hilarious.

It's been a fantastic month working with everyone, and I think we are all coming away from this experience with great memories and skills. Though I do think we're all also coming away with a slight hatred for buckets.

Signing off muddy, sunburned, and ordering pizza


So the final day has come to an end and we are now wondering what we are going to do with our days now we don’t have to go digging 9-5. I absolutely loved every minute of this training excavation and my team made it better than I possibly thought. I can now say I am so very tanned – which is an achievement for a ginger in itself, I know. I have gained valuable skills in this 4 week journey that will help me in my future career, whatever that might be! 

What will I miss? Free doughnuts and sweets are most definitely up there in the top 2 but I will honestly miss the atmosphere on site with all the sass from Simon, stumbling from Dan, Julie’s expert eye and everyone else who managed to make it to the end without breaking or burning to a crisp. I will be VERY jealous of the second years next year who get to take over where we left off but I am sure they will take good care of the site which we have all come to love.


The final day was a sad but happy occasion...however on the bright side no more muddy clothes and half 7 wake up times!

This year, Team B finished the Roman Road... because we’re amazing and we’ve had so many amazing finds pop up! Including a Roman key, coin, bones and pottery. This part has been fully excavated so it was a privilege to be able to excavate the road which we all came to love. It has been such an amazing experience and I have loved every minute of it!

The people have been amazing and I feel like we have become a close knit group of budding archaeologists. I want to say a BIG thanks to Team B who have been the best group of people to spend 4 weeks with. There has been many laughs... especially our attempt to put the teram on (whilst other teams just watched) and the laughing fit which occurred when I fell over.

An extra special thanks to Simon, Dan, Julie, Jill, Jane and Caroline for making this experience the best ever. I may have to sneak onto next year’s dig. So watch out!


The dig has ended and after returning home from the pub after the dig I found myself already missing it. The atmosphere has been amazing, although we have all known each other for nearly two years, nothing quite cements friendship like someone emptying that overflowing bucket for you that you can just about muster the energy to lift up.

It has been amazing to realise I was unearthing and seeing first hand artefacts I had only read about or seen in a lecture environment, coming out of the ground, as well as putting all of what we have learnt into action and making everything we've learnt have more meaning.

I and my team were honoured with excavating the Roman road and it was very strange to see the road and the rest of the site being covered up, especially the road as it may never be seen again!

Finally big thanks to everyone that has made getting up at 7am for four weeks an amazing experience that I shall never forget!

Over and out!