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It’s 2016 and the site is back open!

Today has mostly been about shifting as much dirt as possible and not melting in the 24 degree heat! The primary objective of the day was to introduce ourselves to the site and tidy it up so that we can continue from work carried out last year. 

Waiting to get started
The trench at the start of the day

After some hard work, a lot of the past years surface can be seen and soon it will be time to peel back the protective layer put down last year and really get stuck into investigating some exiting features, like the medieval house and the continuation of a previously excavated Roman road! We are really excited to get some serious excavating done and fingers crossed the weather holds out. 

Shifting dirt!
Today as a whole we learnt some basics to shifting mud, and that sun cream is important.

There’s a lovely bunch of people on site, and some serious characters, so there could be some good stories to come out of the year!

For today, it’s over and out! We look forward to the rest of the dig.

Trench at end of Day 1: Progress!

-Becky and Robyn