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Day 7: Biscuits, buttons and bribery

The realisation that archaeologists are fuelled entirely by biscuits and doughnuts has come as something of a revelation. You may not realise, but were it not for the humble peak frean assortment, little excavation work would ever take place.  So it’s thanks to Caroline and Meggen and their regular biscuit deliveries that we’ve progressed as far as we have.

To the excavation which, despite the risk of type 2 diabetes, enthusiastically continues. The finds are coming thick and fast, predominantly animal bone with a fair representation of Roman, medieval and post medieval potsherds all within similar contexts. This latter point is absolutely in keeping with the nature of the site which has been subject to periods of intense activity over course of almost 2000 years, with objects being churned around within the soil as building works displaced them from their original resting places. Aside from the more commonly found artefacts we continue to unearth what might be considered more interesting pieces on a daily basis, today this rather wonderful medieval button found in the chapel area by Group E, tomorrow who knows?

As a final note, it continues to be an utter pleasure speaking to the numerous people who pass through the park daily and express an interest in what we’re up to. It would seem that archaeology fascinates and captures the imagination of a wide array of people from all age groups and nationalities, so please if you are in or around Chester in the next couple of weeks, pop down, say hello and we will speak to you and show you many things. 

We will of course have many more things to show you should you decide to bring biscuits with you.