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Day 6: Week Two!

After an extremely lazy weekend of takeaways and relaxing, we're starting week 2 slightly refreshed and less painfully sun burnt. Despite those early morning Monday blues, this week has marked the beginning of cleaning the finds, as we ditched our trowels for toothbrushes. The meticulous process of cleaning has allowed us to see the colourful pottery, glass, tobacco pipes a lot clearer, as they also appear to be the most prominent finds on site including animal bone fragments, so far! 

As we have only just begun to touch new archaeology so there'll be loads more to clean and discover! Meanwhile the majority of our concerns feature; which fast food chain we're going to consume for lunch today before we return back to the site to continue to unearth new archaeology! - Bettie!


So week 2 started pretty nicely! After a therapeutic morning cleaning finds, we scrapped our cleaning equipment for our trusty trowels! - time for some more digging of course. Which luckily, turned out to be a beautiful day in the sun getting down and dirty. 

The afternoon was spent carrying on digging from where we left off from the end of week one. It's proved fascinating to say the least, as we have managed to clear the area of any remaining backfill and clay to reveal a feature that is significant to the roman road. 

Today was a great day digging and we did also manage to find some bone fragments such as tooth as well as some small remains of pottery- in all a pretty good day of both cleaning finds from the previous week and managing to reveal more of the features that lay next to what seems to be some awesome archaeology!

 Finally, happy birthday to Jack, who was sporting a lovely pink feather bower on site! Hope you had a great day J man.


Bettie and Shaun