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Day 12: Not so daunting after all

The second day of the third week seemed so daunting on the first day. However time has flown by and now there does not seem to be enough time left.

 Today was again a day were time flew. Team D again was split into two groups one of which were tasked with expanding context that we had been working for nearly the entire time that we have spent on site. Unfortunately the context was not as nice to us today as there were very little finds. In terms of what had been found today there was not many of great importance however Mona had a two sections of an unfused vertebra. 

Unfortunately after the morning came to an end and even with the help of Joe we just about managed to find the bottom and the end of the context.  After being in the same spot for what feels like forever, clearing a deposit of which we thought was a Roman feature, we had the misfortune to find out that it was in fact a hole made by a tree being uprooted. The excavation of this context was not in vain as Roman glass and some bones were found as well as some interestingly decorated pottery. 

The other half D team however were clearing a MASSIVE section of stone set solidly in the deep cold earth. Eventually, after much lifting, the Mighty Matt and Super Sacha were able to pull the rocks from the ground.  But there was a trick afoot; one of the big stones was in fact a nice section of medieval archway, which was as always a delightful find. 

So as days go it was rather uneventful, no secret cities discovered, Time Team did not show up and no shirts were taken off, SEE CALUM! I DON’T always take my shirt off. 

So if you’re ever in the mood for a day in the park and to see a bit archaeology then come on down to Grosvenor Park where the fun never stops ;)

Joe and Josh