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''Early thoughts of final days"

Early thoughts of final days, title of a wonderful song and perfect title for today's blog. Day 18 has just come to  an end and it is unbelievable to think that tomorrow is our last on site. Sad me. I don t even know where the past three weeks have gone..! Probably I was too  busy in finding bones, pieces of pottery, Mr Percy the cow skull (or I should say dragon skull... We are still not too sure about it!) and complaining about the miserable and freezing cold weather. Although, I must say that finally today the weather has been clement with us busy archaeologists and we had a lovely warm sun and for once in my life I was just fine.

Today we finally reached the bottom of the medieval deposit in which Jenny and I have been working for the past 3 weeks, with the precious help of Dan and Mavis the mattock.  Six trays have been filled with animal bones and medieval pottery and next to the medieval ditch we also found what it could be interpreted as a Roman feature... But for the moment this is still a mystery with no sure answers.

Sad and excited, waiting for tomorrow... Our last day of pure archaeological magic. And we know that the best treasures have been found on the last day of excavation so... As Baden Powell would say... Be Prepared!!!
And to conclude, citing the aforementioned song:

"Welcome all experience and where we'll find hope
Hope for tomorrow and live for today".