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Monday Madness at start of week 4

cant believe we are now into the last week! What a great three weeks its been and I don’t think Im quite ready for it to end. 

    The day began with me and my group doing our work on our finds trays. We had to fill out a lot of sheets and cards which completely confused me at first. However, after talking them through with the group and Julie they slowly began to make sense. I think…. I love dealing with the finds, all nice and clean the finds look great sat in their own bags with their little cards giving brief information about each artefact. The little work room in which we work is now filled with trays of finds. Animal bone and pottery now are everywhere within that little work room and I do feel a sense of joy as I kind of know what they are and knowing that we excavated them is an even better feeling.

      After a freezing morning of dealing with our finds we then went outside to dig for about an hour and a half. The soil was so wet and easy to cut with a shovel so me and my group continued working on our feature, which seems to be taking forever. If it is done by the end of the excavation I will be amazed! But im sure we can do it! 

    We then had an interesting lecture about animal bone. It blew my mind and I think my brain became numb after a while listening to all of the long words that are used to describe animal bones! And listening to how to sieve and how many insect types there are completely stumped me. Roll on the next four days!!!!