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Final Day: "The shortness of time turns life into a race"

Day 19. The final day. 

Many interesting events happened on site: Kim yelling at Cam in a moment when she was too hungry, Maddy falling over her ankle, Sam being offended because Harry didn't want to admit his majestic beauty... Chocolate cake (I love you, Kim!), bottles of wine for Dan, Simon, Julie and Gill and a well deserved thank you card.

Today was our last chance to unearth all the wonders hidden  in the amazing trench IV. After days and days, weeks and weeks, Jenny, Dan, Nathan and I (with the precious help of Mavis of course! ) reach the bottom of the medieval ditch, finding great quantities of bones and pottery! By the end of the day we managed to take pictures of the entire ditch, which was meticulously clean. Sadly, after the pictures were taken we had to cover all the trench and put the site to bed,  ready for new discoveries next year. What a super sad moment! It's not going to be the same life from Monday... Going to the library instead of being in a hole covered in mud!

The inevitable end has come and this is the moment to say thank you guys and thanks to everyone who made this dig possible. It has been an unforgettable experience and most definitely the best 4 weeks of our second year! 

And here it is the  the big final question (that everyone in our degree seems to want us to answer):