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Terram, be gone! - Sam's account of Day 2

Today we saw a continuation from yesterday, with many groups continuing the removal of the back spoil, at least for the first half of the day. Unfortunately, the weather of yesterday couldn’t be found anywhere during the morning, with rain and wind accompanying the start of the morning’s activities.

More of last year’s excavation was revealed during the opening few hours, hidden beneath the terram, including the Roman road and accompanying ditches, as well as the later Tudor tanning pit, excavated during the 2007 period. Once I substantial amount of the terram had been exposed, then the plan was to start removing it after lunch.

However, before we went ahead with the removal of the covering, Simon went over the correct method of filling in a context sheet, as we were to use these later on in the excavation. This quick outdoor lecture include the proper use of a Munsell colour chart, as well as the correct information to include in each field found on a context sheet, and a brief history of the development of said context sheet. Once this had finished, two groups moved into the trench and began removing the terram, while the other two finished removing what was left of the back spoil. This will hopefully mean that true excavation will happen tomorrow, on the third day of the dig.

After lunch, we see teams both removing backfill and uncovering 2014's excavation