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So for today's task, some of the finds collected over the six days, needed a good 'wesh' as us Yorkshire folk might say. That is where we came in. The morning was spent washing finds, using toothbrushes, washing up bowls and long thin sticks. There is something very satisfying shifting mud from the little crevasses of the bone and ceramic revealing that pretty surface under all that mud. Not everything can be 'weshed' though, metals and some wood are best left alone for now. I ALMOST sacrificed a piece of wood, but saved it from the bowl at last minute.

After the washing the finds our group went back to the site, which had been restored by the morning groups to its former fencey glory. This was after some delinquents, in there idea of 'faffing' around, had pulled down the fence and some of the tent overnight. Although it annoyed us all, some light relief was brought from a pigeon dive bombing and face planting the fence. I could also finally get some use out of my freshly redecorated trowel, so I could TROWEL THEM ALL (bad pun).

The afternoon for our group was spent excavating; Kate found 60000x (small exaggeration) teeth again, other than that, we found some other cattle bones such as a flat one that seemed to be from a pelvis and some pretty green ceramics. We also managed to convince Ethan to take our muddy buckets (after the rain the buckets made great mud castles) to the wheel barrow again (sorry Ethan!).
I also got to bag up the finds! Which surprisingly I like, because I am a stickler for organizing things... well except my room. Some awesome stuff in there too, bones, ceramics, building materials and I'm sure I saw a shell! Although there's always that one joker putting a rock in their finds tray to make it more difficult.  

A last note, this pretty large bone was found by Jenny’s group. Nobody laughed at its interestingly questionable shape. We swear.

Anyway I am cream-crackered, in a bit folks!

Rachael (your friendly neighborhood Pikachu archaeologist)