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Day 12: Rachael's story continues...

Hello lovely internet humans! And obviously the secret aliens.

Today was a fine morning for another finds session, but this time there was no 'weshin'.  No no, it begin with detective work... well somewhat detective work. We needed to begin categorizing the finds, which meant splitting the types of finds into different groups and beginning to describe the assemblages we had. Using magnifying glasses we could look up and close at our little ceramic sherds and see if they clay had inclusions or we could look at bone with the magnifying glass too to observe any decoration or cut marks. I have included plenty of photographs of the finds sessions for you, our ADORING internet public! You will also be able to see the writing on the sherd, we did this last week (believe or not the ink and those 'told fountain pens). We marked anything that can absorb the ink and artefacts which will not be damaged by the writing process.

Aaaaaaaaaah the afternoon time for tea and scones! Well not quite, its time to DIG!

Its raining its pouring the old dog is snoring....well it was not really pouring but it did rain a little in the afternoon, and Rebekah did bring A DOG but the dog is only puppy so only a few lies. 
I continued digging around a pretty stony patch of clay-eeee mud mixed with pretty baked on mud. Hard, (my poor hands) but its worth to take this off to start to reveal what on earth this patch on mud is. There are a few suspicions and whispers around the site directors, but hopefully I will be part of helping to unveil the mysterious stones. But whilst I did this others on site were doing various other tasks, which I photographed (with my magic 'box' e.g. bad camera on my phone).

Here we have Dan and Nathan cleaning up an area to show it off! You can see the progress they made in these two shots.

Here we have the expanded trenches and ditches coming along great!

Here is the rest of my group, digging harshly through a clay deposit and arguing over whether it is DUCKtape or DUCtape, I mean what else do they do the pass the time? Oh yes the four hour alphabet game! Archaeology student eh?

Anyway enjoy the rest of the blog posts, as this is our third week already! Let alone the pots I need a wesh today, think I got more hair in my mud with the tools then in the bucket.


From, Rachael 
(the Pikachu of archaeology- he lost an ear today, cry for him)