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Day 17: The end is nigh

The end of dig recording is in full swing, but still the digging continues, if only for one more day!

The main work of the day was drawing sections of the ditch that we're excavating and filling out context sheets, which contain descriptions of an archaeological feature which will combine with several other context sheets to give an overall account of the site. For us this meant measuring the features found in the pit and putting these onto a grid map. With the use of a measuring tape we then measured the distance to the edges of the trenches to get their coordinates. At the end of the day we used the dumpy level to record the different heights of the trench to get a relief plot of the different parts of the site. This can often be dull work, but needed to be done: as they say, no pain no gain!

Today for the first half of the day was the final session on the finds which was the bagging up of the marked finds and the recording of the more decorated finds such as the stamped bottle base in my tray. Later on in the morning was back to the finds washing as a sizable collection had started to build up over the few weeks of digging.

In the afternoon the weather was good for digging and we collected a general mixture of pottery, bone and even iron. We also managed to find a shard of possibly medieval wine glass which was good surprise to get amongst the other finds. A few people visited the site and I managed to talk to a pair who later on I found out to be archaeologists themselves, which led to a good discussion with them about the site.