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Day 16: Fancy a pint?

The remains of the medieval and early modern past are revealing themselves quickly now that we've only got a few days to go! The name of the game now is to step back and record what we've revealed before putting the site to bed until next year, but not before a few more fantastic finds by Team 2014!

Only TWO DAYS left of this year's dig and the rain is still relentless (that fine rain that soaks you right through). Luckily this morning my group were finds washing and labelling, sheltered from the grim weather with some lovely finds! My favourite was a post-medieval heart-shaped lead mount. Excavation this afternoon was still rainy but enjoyable with a few finds like a large chunk of medieval Ewloe-type ware cistern (see above), proving Cestrians have always loved a pint - well done Dave! Hopefully the last couple of days will turf up some equally great finds as a nice farewell.

My morning on Day 16 of the dig was spent in the finds lab allocating small finds numbers to our artefacts. One of the objects I was working with this morning, and my favourite, was a double looped copper alloy buckle with central iron pin:

This post-medieval buckle probably came from a shoe and unfortunately is incomplete but I think it's very cool all the same! And if it is in fact from a shoe, I wonder where the other one is?! Perhaps we'll find it before Friday! Fingers crossed! I passed the afternoon by cleaning up a section of the medieval ditch, which we're nearly done excavating.

It has now be suggested that there are two periods of use. Initially the ditch was dug and left to fill up. Later, it was cut again and the wall of the medieval structure was built. With the second period of use, the ditch would have been a moat and then later silted up, leaving behind a treasure trove for us to uncover!