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Day 14: Bank Holiday Weather but the archaeology doesn't mind

Today saw more periodic drenching of the team.  Whilst some escaped to the relative dry of the finds processing room, others battled it out as long as they could on site. Here's hoping our Open Day on Tuesday is drier than this!


Today was focused around post-excavation processes for finds, because archaeology does not end after an artefact is recovered. The first stage  is to wash the finds; this is a labor of love as it requires a delicate touch and patience, but only certain finds can be washed such as bone and pottery as other materials, for example iron, can be destroyed if washed. After the finds are washed and dried it's on to the next stage in the process, which for us is to mark the finds with the relevant site code so that if misplaced they can be returned to their proper place. This is a tricky and delicate endeavor that requires using waterproof ink, a fountain pen and a steady hand. Alas, I lack the latter so this was a struggle for me at first, but by the end of the day I had hit my stride. I'm looking forward to next week and to getting back to more excavation - hopefully we may uncover a Roman boat to keep our feet dry.

Just one of the glazed tiles from site.


The end of the third week has produced a bunch of tired and soggy trainee archaeologists. Looking back on this week, it seems all we've done is bail rain water out of the trench after the spectacular thunder storm on Monday and not much else! However, spirits are high as we're all starting to get the hang of different aspects of the excavation process and are looking forward to the open day on Tuesday!

I myself haven't had many significant finds whilst digging a section of the medieval ditch towards the eastern end of the trench apart from a large sherd of medieval slip ware drinking vessel, and - you guessed it - lots more animal bone! But whilst finds washing, I've come across a few nice bits of medieval glazed floor tiles which are always aesthetically pleasing!

Next week is sure to be bittersweet, but I'm determined to make the most of it! 

A little rain never hurt anyone...

A few beauty shots of other finds - now all tidy and clean - including that animal skull! Pics courtesy of our pals at CWAC (Thanks Cheryl!)

A lovely decorated clay pipe stem!

This little piggy went to the park (things didn't go so well after that I suspect).