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Closing time

After a rigorous, laborious, mainly wet but sometimes sweltering hot, banter-filled season, the 2014 season of the CAER Project has now come to a close. But coverage doesn't end here - stay tuned for a summary of what we found, and what we plan to do next!

One last trowel-party to get the trench photo-ready

Don't sweat the technique

One wall of the possibly medieval structure, showing there's still plenty more to unearth next year...

And now with the last word from Team 2014:

After a tiring and challenging day, the four weeks of digging is now over *sobs*. Today wrapped up what has been an incredible experience for all of us.

In the morning, we started out by cleaning up our beloved site and making it suitable for photographic recording, which in itself was very exciting to do. We took site photos with SLR cameras and ensured the pictures were of the best quality!

After lunch, we were approached by a great amount of very interested public, who had made it just in time to share with us the last moments of our site. After this, we began covering our beautifully trowelled features to make way for the new eager archaeologists who will take our place next year! I wish them the best of luck and hope they have the same great experiences and memories as I have done these past four weeks.

Putting the site to bed before it gets backfilled by JCB
Weighing down the terram sheeting to make sure it stays in place

Supervisor Dan Garner closing up shop...until next year!