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The home stretch?

James reflects on Day 4 and looks forward to next week:

Day 4 started as the last one left off, with more rain. As the majority of the backfill has now been taken out we were on the home stretch, it was just a case of taking off the last couple of sheets which turned out to be a bit of trouble due to the slippery conditions and the size of it. As usual Dan was there in the background having a good moan and there were slightly fewer finds today though there did seem to be more bone found then previously. The majority of team B’s day was taken up with a mix of public archaeology and also photography, which gave us a nice long break from digging  I didn’t realise the amount of careful consideration that goes into every photograph that is taken and also the impact that we as archaeologist can have. Greatly looking forward to next week when we begin to get down to properly uncovering the archaeology and investigating different aspects of the site.

Liam, James, Liz and Dani clearing the site of the remaining backfill