CAER 2017 Begins... Thursday 4th May!

CAER 2017 Begins... Thursday 4th May!
What will be uncovered this year?
We're back for our 11th season during which examination of trench IV will be continued. Our work will examine the interior of the masonry building (the possible chapel) with its drain discharging into the ditch, the western part of the ditch feature where it is overlain by the medieval building and the underlying deposits. This year trench IV will also be extended to the south in order to locate and examine a stone structure identified during the excavation of a service trench in 2013.
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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Welcome to the blog for the 2013 season!

It’s here! The 2013 excavation season of the University of Chester and CWaC (Cheshire West and Chester Council) begins on May 7th in Grosvenor Park in the middle of Chester. The plan is to complete the excavation of the timber framed building(s) discovered last year, which may be late medieval or early post-medieval in date, and to further investigate and reveal more of the substantial medieval masonry building also found last year. Hopefully we will also dig deeper into history and find evidence of the Roman road that runs through the park and any settlement alongside it.

We are digging Monday - Friday (except Bank Holidays) from 7th to 31st May. If you are in Chester, feel free to stop by the trench for a chat and see what we are up to, or visit us on our official Open Day on the 28th of May for a chance to handle artefacts such as Roman pottery, Civil War lead shot and much more! We'll be posting regularly about the dig with a whole new cast of 2nd year archaeology students (together with some of last year's lecturers and council archaeology specialists).  


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