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Mr Blobby and bikinis?

Rafi updates us on the those random dig conversations:

Day 4 started with rain and wind but the weather gave us a break for the whole afternoon! Our team (team A) learned very interesting tips about technical photography of archaeological features and had a refresh about the use of the dumpy level to take measurements on site - great job Chris, really sorry we doubted you on the first measurement!!!

After this two sessions the team split in two groups of three people and joined the others in scraping the remaining mud and dust from the archaeological surface. It has been really difficult as there were many puddles, and we had to use sponges. However, as Fran and I noticed, squatting all day will definitely give us perfect bikini bodies! 

In the morning, Amy came on site with a cute dog that stayed with us during the break, enjoying great donuts kindly offered! During the afternoon we all enjoyed working in an almost sunny weather, talking to each other about Mr Blobby (thanks for letting me know this scary thing!) and cleaning pretty much all the exposed surface.

Best find of the day goes to Chris, who found a massive piece of bone!

 Rafi and team A learning about site photography in the morning drizzle