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Mad dogs and Englishmen...

Michael reflects on a hard but enjoyable day:

Today was the first day of the excavation in Grosvenor Park. The task that was set to us by the staff was to excavate the layer of last year’s backfill which is situated above the sheet of material protecting the archaeology. We acquired our tools and immediately set about the task at hand in our specified groups. The weather today was very hot and had little cloud cover, so everyone including myself was very hot and a few of us were sunburned due to forgetting suntan lotion (it's on the kit list!-ed.). Due to the heat everyone felt dehydrated but plenty of water was brought in order to keep everyone in a happy mood.
During the excavation itself, already a great many number of finds were discovered by myself and many other people; these finds were primarily the stems and occasionally the heels of clay tobacco pipes; ceramic sherds and pieces of glass bottles. The fact that we were all digging for almost seven hours, took its toll, such as blisters and sore hands, however, I found it to be an enjoyable experience and did not find the digging all too difficult.
Overall, the first day, even though it was very hot, was an enjoyable experience and a good start to what will hopefully turn out to be a very fun excavation where many finds and new information will be uncovered in order to reinforce interpretations made by previous excavations in the area.