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Maeve sums up  Day 4 and the end of the first week:

As the first week of digging comes to a close the site is almost ready for excavation. In the morning my team (Team C) continued to remove the soil that was still covering the remaining terram.  The wet weather definitely made this easier and most of the soil could be removed with the use of hand shovels and trowels. This was much appreciated by everybody as many of us were still sore from the digging at the beginning of the week. The buckets of soil were much heavier today due to the wet weather and the path leading up the soil heap was VERY muddy and slippery resulting in me nearly falling over quite a few times .. It was a very messy morning and we were troweling mud off each other by the end of the morning.  A small number of finds were found today, including pottery, glass and of course clay pipe fragments. However, I think we unearthed more worms than artefacts overall.

During the break Amy brought in donuts which was awesome! After the break Team C and Team D had a short introduction on public archaeology. After this we went on a walk around the Chester walls and visited another excavation site on George Street where a commercial archaeology team (Earthworks Archaeology) was excavating. This was interesting as we got to hear what archaeology was actually like as a job and see what they had found on their site. This gave us an idea of what would be expected of us when the public visited our site. Overall we had a pretty enjoyable day and our team look forward to starting to excavate next week :D

 Maeve and her team getting muddy!