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Daniel and Andrew report on Friday finds washing

Andrew finds the pressure too much…

Friday was a good end to the week. The first half we troweled a new patch of the site and discovered a cut feature with some good finds in. Ben found the remnants of a 16th century glass drinking vessel and I found half of a copper alloy pin (similar to ones that Jay, Dan and I have found before). We made it through the windy and cold morning to then spend the rest of the day washing and marking finds.

Finds marking was torturous, the guilt of messing up the finds was too much to bear and soon only Helen of team D was left marking finds. The rest of us went back to the calm waters of finds washing. The week was full of illness for myself, but next week looks good. I look forward to the open day which I hope many of the blog readers will attend. It has been a great experience and I have had a lot of fun. 

Helen, Andrew, Ben and Daniel wash finds

Daniel finds finds-washing peaceful…

In the morning I continued the excavation of a potential rubbish pit in the medieval layer above the Roman road. After cleaning the area and searching for signs of the outline of the pit in the surrounding area, the supervisors agreed that the bottom of the pit had been reached. I then spent the second half of the morning drawing the feature.

In the afternoon I had another finds washing session. In this session we learnt how to organise finds into groups and bag them after they had been marked. This was a quick process and afterwards we could mark or wash more finds from other contexts . I chose to wash some more finds as I absolutely despise the pens we use to mark items, they refuse to write .....it’s so frustrating, unlike washing finds which is peaceful :)