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A 'seally' good find to start week 3!!

 Frances gets a star find on the first day of week 3:

Today our group (A) started off in the morning with our second finds washing session. As well as the washing we learnt how to mark finds properly and what can and can't be marked.

After dinner our group returned to the site where Rafie, Christian and I continued working on the same area from last week. After about an hour of troweling the site I found a medieval seal! You could even see some writing around the edge of it which could have been a name or a motto. It was really tempting to remove the soil from it but probably doing so would take off the decoration.
The medieval copper-alloy seal matrix

As well as the afternoon of troweling our group was on public archaeology and because we didn't have many finds we kept stealing Helen’s tray to claim for our own and show off to the public! To end the day we started drawing a plan of the area of the site we had been working on – the north wall of what remains of the substantial masonry building. Here is Rafie in action….

Rafie starting to plan the in situ masonry foundations