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The cellar

Jonathan updates us on Thursday's activities:

This morning group A got a chance to complete some more post excavation work on the finds of the dig. We started off marking more of the finds so that if any got separated, for example when specialists examine them, we know which site and trench they relate to, which is very important. While others in the group seemed to have refined this technique from earlier in the week, Dan and I were as bad as ever, frequently running to the sink to wash ink off the finds before they we permanently ruined as well as getting ink everywhere, although thankfully we had remembered to put paper towels down this time. After this we started to divide finds into groups based on their material; for example glass could be divided into window or bottled amongst others. This again was a challenge with some materials, such as pottery, due to its wide age range, from Roman to modern and its vast amount of types, such as glazed and slipware.

In the afternoon it was back to the trench and the sun. Over the last few days I have been excavating one of the two trenches in what we currently believe could have been a cellar. Today we finally reached the bottom of the ever deepening trench and when attempting to clean up the sides for photographs discovered the trench’s depth provided great shade from the sun. As well as photos we are currently recording the features of the trench using a site plan and a context sheet, but hopefully we will get to excavate more of the possible cellar before the end of the dig next week.

The start of excavating the cellar pit.