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An invitation!

Tom gets philosophical:

Life and archaeology go together. 
How’s that one would ask? Because they are both full of lovely complex stratigraphy just waiting for someone to tell its story, just like the one we are going to have the opportunity to tell from this year’s Dig in Chester’s Grosvenor Park.

This year has given me the unique opportunity to view archaeology from a different perspective - from inside a trench -  and to be able to answer the questions I would usually ask an archaeologist.  Things like - what types of archaeology have you uncovered so far? What do you hope to find? Have you created your own interpretation about what’s going on in the archaeological record?

Hey you! Yes you, the public! When you’re out walking one day in the park and see our excavation going on don’t be afraid to come up to us and talk.  If you want to know what’s going on just ask, don’t be afraid. You might worry about what to ask, but we are students who worry about how to answer! The more you ask us, the more it helps our confidence.
We have only just started to scratch the surface and who knows what might be uncovered, so come along and find out.  You might be there to witness something exciting!
Tom and Emma find photography funny.