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The Final Week

Emma updates us on Monday's news:

Today was the start of the last week of the excavation. It’s strange to think that next week that we won’t be digging, but putting the finishing touches to our portfolios instead.

For Monday’s task there was not much digging involved. Group D was assigned to clear up some areas of the trench that needed to be photographed. It’s important to have the site look tidy for photographs just in case they are ever used for publications. By mid-morning we were sent to the Chester Renaissance building to get a further session in photography. Unlike the session we had in week 1 this time we were giving open criticism on the photos that we had taken in week one. This was insightful as it was good to have a better idea on how to improve our photography skills. For the rest of the afternoon we were sent back to the trench to clear more areas.

To give our readers a little update about the site - I would like to mention that we now believe the building we are investigating was a Medieval chapel that was later converted to a residence after the Dissolution. We’ve been uncovering a lot of decorated floor tiles from this period that are normally associated with chapels. Other features that we have discovered also point to the building being a former chapel. 

This is my final blog entry. I would like to thank the site team for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this excavation and for teaching us a lot of skills. I would also like to thank Meggen for spoiling us all with home-made treats. I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks. It’s been brilliant.
Emma (in black) prepares the site for photographs.