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Everyday I'm Shoveling

Jasmine and Jonathan update us on their first day:

Today was the first day of the annual Chester University dig, in association with CWAC. Despite it being monsoon season in Chester of late, the sun actually came out for our first day of the job, and we were able to peel back the remaining spoil on top of the terram that covered last year's remains. Although it should be said that this feat would have been almost impossible without Dan the Badger Man, or Dan W as many of us know him, flying through the dirt and making almost as much mess as he was clearing away.
Over the course of the day we removed an excess of artefacts from the site ranging from clay pipes and slipware to musket balls that were found in the spoil heap. Tomorrow we should start excavating the layers under the terram, which include the foundations of a medieval out building.
Overall, everyone had a great day and are looking forward to the next few weeks. Hopefully the sun will keep shining.

Heads down - Jasmine, Jonathan, Lauren and Dan the Badger Man at work.