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Emily updates us on the penultimate day...
Today was the second to last day of the dig. I can't believe how fast these last weeks have gone by! The trench has revealed a number of features and offered a few surprises during the excavation. We clearly encountered a demolished building and came across a number of features related to it, most significantly the hearth area and the curious slab-stone ditch, but still cannot tell the exact function of it. The layers also produced a number of interesting finds and everyone had their share of interesting items; although, some seemed to have had more luck than others! It is a shame that we have to finish tomorrow and can't go down deeper to the Roman Road, which is believed to be present underneath our building.
But the most important thing is how we all developed and learned. Although we are already in second year and have studied archaeological practice thoroughly, the practice we had these past weeks has taught us more than books can. There are always problems and aspects encountered one would never expect from theory alone. The dig also improved the group dynamic and everyone seemed to get to know each other better. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience!
So today we spent the day giving the site a "beauty makeover" (trowelling the surface, tidying up...), to prepare it for professional photography and the Roman Festival this weekend (and for it being backfilled!)

Post Scriptum: Still no sight of the 10,000 pounds!
[Ed. - We always get asked by passers-by if we've found their lost money...honest, we haven't found a thing!]