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Tile making, finds washing, squirrel biting! and a robbed out wall

Ali tells us about the Open Day -
After a torrent of rain this morning, the weather turned into a beautiful sunny warm afternoon.
Our Open Day was a brilliant success!
Family, friends and the local people of Chester flocked to see our Dig In The Park and also took part in tile making, drawing, our display of finds, washing our finds, levelling, a mini dig and a tour of the site with 'Action Diggers' excavating.
The finds washing and tile making was a great success with the children (even in the downpour of rain). The finds display was favoured by various age groups.
Bev and I decided to stay on site instead of take advantage of our afternoon study leave; we got to excavate the backfill of a possible robbed out wall feature. A perfect ending to a perfect day, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all
.... apart from my daughter who got bit on the finger by a squirrel, possibly by a jealous Bertina. It was tempting to perform a streak in the background whilst Mark was interviewed on camera, but age and gravity convinced Bev and I that it was definitely NOT a good idea as it would possibly frighten the public away.

Ali signing off (and still singing!).
p.s. This is my last blog and would like to thank all of the staff of Chester University Archaeology Department, Cheryl, Jane, Gill, Julie, Simon, Mike, Alison, Colin and lastly a huge thank you to Gary for everything you have taught us this last four weeks. It has been a fantastic experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I feel privileged to be part of a brilliant year. Thank you to all of my fellow second year students - you are all stars.