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The Open Day

Adam (aka 'Flynn') tells us about the site today -
The beginning of the day was filled with preparatory tasks in order to transform our humble excavation site into an extravaganza of archaeology. Following the initial set up of the activity zone, including the tremendously entertaining dumpy level arcade, it was time for the entire group to prepare themselves for the masses that were predicted to descend upon the site. However, soon after the 10:00 am unveiling of the site to the public, the heavens opened and thoughts of the most impressive spectacle to ever grace Grosvenor Park faded as the crowds were put off by the rain. Some hard-core individuals did appear, despite the heavy drizzle, to sample the activities and gain an insight into what had actually been uncovered on the site.
As the sky cleared and the sun began to shine, larger groups of inquisitive persons, including some of the group’s family and friends, began to fill the site and soon there was a throng of activity around the whole area. The group stood up to the test of the tide of visitors, answering all queries competently, efficiently and professionally; a true credit to their educators.
The ‘create a tile’ section was constantly bustling with children and adults alike clambering to create their very own clay tiles, but often many of the blank tiles did not fit the mould and had to be reformed by our professional clay worker Neil. Many of our younger visitors seemed so excited by this it could have been mistaken that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer had come to town early.
Throughout the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon the enthralled visitors were thoroughly entertained by the entire event, especially the height of the dumpy level staff, which one witty onlooker noted “was taller than a sycamore tree”. But, as the day wore on the number of visitors waned and soon enough it was time to pack our things and lay the open day to rest. The heat of the day continued to warm our backs as we, including the group rapidly becoming known as 'Three Friends ... and Tom', toiled to round off a very successful day.
Finally, a big Thank You to all who visited the site today. It wouldn’t have been a success without you.