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Friday 13th's lucky - timber building??

Day 3 -
Heidi gives us an update -
Definitely not an unlucky day for the archaeologists! Another productive day turning up many finds and uncovering several features. Various activities were carried out across the site including excavation, levelling and plan drawing with everyone getting stuck in with enthusiasm. In spite of a bit of rain all of the students enjoyed themselves and the archaeology is beginning to take shape. A number of stone plinths, possibly once supporting a timber framed building were uncovered early in the day along with sections of flooring, demolition rubble and a possible brick entranceway or path associated with the building. It is early days yet but the evidence seems consistent with material from Cholmondeley Manor and outbuildings with other features appearing in the area.

Everyone worked through the afternoon with good cheer after being lifted by a lunchtime game of ball in the park. As the day drew to a close Simon summed up the archaeology everyone trudged off optimistic about the events of the week and those yet to come.

And Tom gives us his take on the day -
Even with the weather not making up its mind, the teams rolled with the punches and got stuck in with the excavation. Team A was Levelling, while both B and C were site drawing. Throughout the day team D were trowelling back to get a view of the site as a whole.
There was an enormous amount of finds today. Though most were from the mid 1600s, there were some surprises in store for the teams. Roman sherds from black burnished wear and mortaria were found in this layer.
There have also been some interesting features emerging. We believe that we have found structural evidence of a building that was here during the 1600s. Hopefully as the excavation progresses we will be able to see this better.
Another fruitful day in the Grosvenor Park excavation.


  1. I really like your site. Will keep checking back here..

    Merbau Timber

  2. Thanks Merbau Timber! We are 'off line' now for new discoveries until next year (2012) when there will be a new 'cast' of students! Hopefully fewer squirrels...


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