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Elizabeth I and a floor surface

Katie H. tells us about today's action in the trench -
We had a bit of a hectic start this morning, as the heavens opened all last night and this morning so the site had to be assessed first by Gary and Julie. Once it was decided that we weren’t going to damage our treasure trove of a trench we were able to begin the day.
Group C had finds this morning and we had to identify our artefacts and divide them into different categories. This involved filling out context cards and bagging them into specific groups. We also had to fill out context object summary sheets which were hard to grasp at first; however, once we got into the flow of things we sorted ourselves out (and underestimated the amount of bags we needed). We again were provided with a cup of tea thanks to Ali, which sorted us all out on this cold wet day.
This afternoon we carried on excavating and continued on an area that had been started this morning. We cleared back the westerly side of the trench, and tried to get down to a level that had been excavated by our group on Tuesday. Whilst excavating, the phrase “we hit rock” was an understatement as our entire section was filled with building debris; however, we did discover some mysteries!!! Zoe found another Elizabeth I coin, which we didn’t hesitate to applaud her for (well done Zoe!). We also discovered a floor surface that we got very excited over, especially Gary, and clay bases that could have been for structural use. Upon excavating a parallel area, another opposing floor surface was unearthed, which relates directly to the hearth that was uncovered previously. To what relation this has with the hollow on the northerly part of the trench is yet to be uncovered! However, tomorrow we are hoping to solve this mystery and uncover certain hidden secrets as to what we are actually looking at.

And Lyndsay gives us another viewpoint -
Today started out rather wet and got wetter in a hurry. After deciding that it was safe to start work, groups A,B and D were sent out to the trench. For Group B it was a whole day of excavation. Well for me and Jenine it was, with two members off sick our six were down to four. Then others were recruited elsewhere on and off site.
We started our morning periodically taking the top layer off the area where there was thought to be a cut and then running to the gazebo as the rain battered down. Turns out there might not be a cut and ditch but something else, but what isn't quite clear yet. Tom serenaded Lewis with his song "Get Hoe" while we all enjoyed the slightly drier times of the morning. This will be being released as a Christmas single in the near future.
By lunch the weather was nice and sunny and the park was running over with GCSE students who had finished their year. Things got a bit chaotic, and the community police officers were called in to make them clean their rubbish :S.
In the afternoon groups C and B were called in to clear the debris layer from part of the trench. This was time consuming but well worth and the find of the day was found by Zoe with her Elizabeth I coin!! This was duly paraded around the trench before being safely put in a little box. When this layer was being taken away a hard layer of mortar was revealed, which got Gary very excited. Only time will tell what we'll find tomorrow!!!!