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Let the sun shine!! A lion's face?

Maria updates us on the start of week three:

Today we finally had sun! My group started off the morning taking various photographs of different trenches from up a ladder and on the ground at different angles. Doing this, I learned that I am definitely no David Bailey! In the afternoon we split up into two pairs and planned different features, which took a very looong time! A good day to start the week so far!

Ross tells us about his day:

Finally some sunshine! Perfect weather for digging and planning (and a pre-work kickabout!). Not perfect, however, for photography, as those of us in group D soon discovered. As shadows crept forth from all the nooks and crannies and into the corners of our shots, the blazing sun cast its glare upon every reflective surface and down the lens of our camera. Otherwise it was quite a productive morning as we learned how to compensate for the shadows and frame a better picture.
The afternoon was to be spent planning features and our group was split into two. As Mike D and Danny moved into trench VII and the shade of a large tree, Maria and I ended up in the open area of trench VI, drawing a plan of a patch of mortar and clay. The many lumps and bumps of the feature, which had to be meticulously planned, combined with the blazing heat made this something of a frustrating experience. Needless to say we were ecstatic when it was finished!
Although we had no interesting finds, Aaron came across what appeared to be a floor tile bearing a Lion's face - face down in the dirt it could have easily been taken as a simple piece of rubble and cast into the spoil heap. Well done to Aaron for taking the time to examine it!

Aaron describes his find:

Today was a full day of excavation for group A with us removing the fill of the cut, which Group B was doing at the end of last week. We believe it to be the robbed out remains of the original boundary that divided the church from the lands beyond.
My prize find today was a decorated tile with what could ether be a stylised lion or a chap with a funny beard. (See my picture above!)