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Finds, sections and doughnuts

Rachel writes -

This morning saw Group A in Albion Street with the finds. We bagged up the finds that we had marked and wrote labels to go with them so we know what they are and where they came from. Jonathan and I then went on to wash some finds, which is very therapeutic!
After luch we were back on site and doing some section drawings of the pipe cut in trench VII. We set up the level to see if our section string was straight and after a slight mishap with the levelling staff (one member of the group managed to pull it apart), we found that everything was as it should be. The weather today was cloudy but at least we managed to stay dry.

Mike D reports -

It was a rather quiet morning on site as one of the groups was working away from the site on the finds, and a few were off ill. So, a few of us were given the job of levelling out the surface in trench VI. This unfortunately wasn't easy mattocking as the ground was full of thick, stubborn rocks. Around mid-morning, we moved on to trowelling, but the earth was quite crumbly so I couldn't help thinking we were making things worse.
After a steak pasty and quick read about the troubles at Arsenal FC, we headed back to the dig site. Maria and I were under the impression that we would be excavating that afternoon, but Simon asked us to finish off a plan left by Hayley and Jenny. We rose to the challenge; finishing off all necessary squares whilst discussing the assignment due for tomorrow.
Thanks again to Aaron today for returning from Tesco's with chocalate and jam doughnuts!

Jonathan writes -

The day started with finds in the morning for group A. This session played to the strenghts of an obsessive sorter and cataloger such as myself. While these sessions are relativly stress free in the work that you are doing, they do show how much effort and work has to be done with all the objects that are found on site - something that some people don't consider when thinking about the excavations. In the afternoon section drawing was on the menu for group A, something that I don't think is my forte. Whilst today was not high on new findings for group A, a lot was accomlished in terms of the more mundane (from the perspective of most people) tasks, which are things that explorers of the dirt find interesting.