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A T-shaped puzzle

Gary and Mike C report:

Today we found an interesting T-shaped feature in Trench VI, which was producing mainly post-medieval pottery in the top layers of fill. Not completely excavated, yet, so hopefully we will understand better what it may be tomorrow.
Rained all day mostly, but the day was brightened by what may be our Group's first Roman find of this dig - a small sherd of very abraded orange ware. Hopefully there will be more to come!

Gemma writes:
Today has been quite good over all - apart from the weather as it has been very wet and a bit cold. My group worked on Trench VII today. It needed mattocking, which was rather strenuous; however, the technique was easy to pick up. We mattocked to break up the ground's surface since we needed to dig deeper.
In the afternoon, the weather was a bit better and our group was getting used to levelling again with the staff and dumpy level. With these refreshed levelling skills, we will be able to record levels of the site later on. Later on in the afternoon we had to trowel part of the main trench (VI). A number of finds were found such as parts of clay pipes and sherds of medieval pottery. One of my friends would like me to mention that at one point a pigeon flew into the perimeter fence, which shocked us all and had us laughing. Us archaeologists have a strange sense of humour :). My last thoughts are that I hope the weather is better tomorrow.