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Friday's Open Day!

Hayley updates us for Friday -

Today was scorching hot, it felt like we were sat in a sauna! However, it is the best weather we've had so far on the dig so I shouldn't complain.
This morning the groups were excavating and clearing up the site in preparation for the afternoon. We were all very tired from the heat, but inspiration came in the form of Meggen's amazing cookies and brownies to rally us on.
The afternoon was a great success with the first public open day. There were numerous vistors to the site; unfortunately not many kiddies to try out the mini dig as they were most likely in school, but hopefully there will be a lot more tomorrow. Fingers crossed for another glorious day!

Nick writes -

The group started the day off with photography, our second session of this. We took some pictures of the whole site from several angles, and they turned out great.
By lunchtime the sun was soaring as we had a bit of a heat wave on site; the suntan lotion was applied and we got to work setting up our open day. Activities such as finds washing and mini digs were held, with a reasonable turn out. By the looks of things today, we should have a very busy day tomorrow.

Karen writes -

Well - summer has come and I want it to be cold again, please!
We had a busy morning trying to plan. As always, Jonathan and I take our time and care.....after a false start of course! We needed to do this so the context could be taken down to the next one.
In the afternoon we had the first of the Open Day sessions. As the temperature soared it was like watching one of David Attenborough's programmes - the march of the ants! Chester was subjected to interestingly dressed students carrying tables, chairs and wheel-barrowing items needed for the afternoon.
A good time was had by all - especially by the more loquacious of us! Although there were not many children - in fact only one turned up to be a future Indiana Jones and tackle the treasures of our mini trench! Her daddy really enjoyed it! Many people were very interested in the finds and to learn about the dig and interpretation of the site so far.