We're back for our 12th season. Keep up to date with all the discoveries, brought to you by our daily bloggers.

A Ditch!

Nick reports:

My group started the day off with some photography, learning how to create the best shot for the best record. We all had a good go and took some decent pictures of a couple of features. During the afternoon we continued with some excavation and potentially made a good discovery. A linear ditch was discovered running through trench VI, which may be the robbed out remains of a boundary wall separating the church with the park or 17th century mansion.
We were graced with the presence of a male model when Mike C. arrived back from lunch with a dashing new haircut. Finally the day was finished with a site summary by Simon and a classic example of Ross tripping over.
All in all an enjoyable day.

Hayley updates us for Friday:

Rain, rain and more rain this morning, unfortunately. Group C had the job of drawing a section, which is a visual record of the stratigraphic sequence in which layers of soil have formed over time. Luckily we had waterproof paper!
A very exciting find was also dug up in the morning by Group D - a vintage crushed Vimto can. The rain kindly held off for the afternoon while Group C excavated the North area of trench VI. Mountains of clay pipe fragments were uncovered along with a green glass bottle, which was the same as the one discovered last Friday bearing "Edmunson's & Co - Liverpool Birkenhead" and what - again - looks like a witch on a swing. It must be a Friday thing. Spooky.

Karen writes:

When will summer come?

Today started rather wet! Had there been anyone silly enough to amble through the park this morning - they would have seen a strange sight of hunched, wet students kneeling in the mud ...... praying, perhaps for sunny weather. Well.....actually we were cleaning back a wide area of the trench to try to find an 'edge' that could be interpreted as the original boundary of St. John's Church. While we were doing that, others were perched precariously on a ladder to try and take photographs of a 'feature'. One group was drawing a section of a trench ..... lovely sitting down job in the rain! Alas there were nobody to see us - how sensible!
Thankfully, this afternoon we had a lovely job of writing tiny letters and numbers onto tiny pieces of ceramics! I would have really enjoyed it, but I forgot my glasses. So with much squinting and reassurance from my eagle-eyed young companions I managed to complete the task. I am so glad I did not have to do the hundred or so of tiny clay pipes, like Aaron had to do!
Despite the cold and rain this week, it has been great fun.